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We have diversified into chimney lining and stove installation work which now represents about a fifth of all the work we do.

Although our building work is generally undertaken within a 20-mile radius of our base at Davidstow, we travel further afield to carry out stove installations and chimney repair and lining.
:: We are Agents for ELDFAST

T W McCarten & Son are agents for Landy Vent's innovative Eldfast chimney lining systemFor more information on the innovative Eldfast chimney lining system, please see this page; also the various links from it to brochures, manuals, etc., as well as to the Landy Vent website.

Chimney Lining

We are now pleased to be agents for Landy Vent and able to install their innovative Eldfast ceramic flue lining system. Eldfast is an in-situ applied lining, drawn through the flue by means of a "plug", leaving a 4mm nominal thickness of material on the flue face.

Eldfast is a wholly ceramic material composed of two elements: a refractory ceramic aggregate in powder form and a resin bonding agent that together create a "slurry" with adhesive properties when applied under pressure.

This photo shows the "before" and "after" of a brick flue, sealed and lined with Eldfast. This photo shows the "before" and "after" of a brick flue, sealed and lined with Eldfast.

Note the decayed state of the original lime mortar parging in the picture to the left. The finished Eldfast lining will not suffer from the same susceptibility to attack from acid condensates.

Traditionally, only materials containing water, lime/clay mortar or cement have been available to re-parge a flue internally, these materials are now known to be prone to acid attack and deterioration.

For more information about the Eldfast system, please see the following downloadable PDF documents:-

We will be pleased to discuss your chimney/flue lining needs with you and to provide a quotation without obligation. Please contact us for more information. 

N.B. Much of the content of this page has been provided by Messrs Landy Vent and is reproduced here with their kind permission. It remains the copyright property of Landy Vent and must not be reproduced elsewhere without prior agreement. 

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